Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength and flexibility. Pilates teaches body awareness which helps create efficient and graceful movement in every day life.

As well as helping correct bad habits, it compliments other types of exercise.  Through postural realignment and increasing core strength it can be invaluable for back problems, weak bladders and general toning.  Many find it an exercise regime that allows both mental and physical relaxation.

All levels are welcome.


Circuits is an exercise class that offers a wide variety of different exercises from cardio to resistance and strength. It helps develop all round fitness.

Due to the design of the class it caters for all abilities allowing you to work at your own level.

Traditionally each exercise is completed within a limited period of time, after a short rest you move on to the next exercise. Circuits offers a fun and varied workout


Classical Yoga is based on a system of eight steps outlined in The Yoga Sutras. The practice includes breathing techniques, joint freeing exercises, yoga asanas, vinyasa (posture flows) and meditation. Classes are run at an introductory level and all levels are welcome.


The perfect blend of working at your own pace whilst still feeling the benefits of a group environment; Target Fit is a a unique class which will test you and improve your fitness!
Every class sees a new challenge set out for you and you have complete say over how you tackle it. Don't leave all your burpees till the end though!
The teacher is on hand to assess and correct your form. give a helping hand with your strategy and do the maths when you are too tired (or too focused on the exercises!) to do addition and subtraction :-)


It is a target fit/ circuits style class where children under 5 can come and play. Parents will be fully responsible for their own child but they are free to roam around whilst you get on with some exercise.



Hatha yoga is the foundation of most popular schools of Yoga eg Vinyasa flow, Bikram and Iyenger. This class is more spiritual, mindful and nurturing and will most likely be a good first step for people venturing into the cosmic jungle of the Yoga practise .



One to one tailored sessions allow you to work on your own specific goals at a pace and level suited to you. It varies from injury recovery, sport specific training to improving general fitness and toning.

All trainers work out of Fison Fitness independently. If you are looking for a trainer please contact us for a referral.  



The studio is available to hire. Current uses are parties, martial arts, and meditation. Please email or call if you are interested in the space. Times, prices and a viewing can be discussed.