• Drop in £16 per class

  • Three sessions a month membership £42

  • Four sessions a month membership £54

  • Five sessions a month membership £65

  • Six sessions a month membership £76

  • Seven sessions a month membership £86

  • Eight sessions a month membership £96

  • Nine sessions a month membership £105

  • Ten sessions a month membership £115

  • Unlimited month membership £140

  • For student memberships please contact

N.B. Your membership level will remain unchanged from month to month. So, if you upgrade/downgrade, the system will automatically move you to this new membership level.

During any month if you wish to convert/upgrade from a lower membership level to a higher membership level you can do so. You will be charged the difference.

During any month if you wish to convert/downgrade from a higher membership level to a lower membership level you can do so. However, in this instance, it can only be implemented at the end of the month.

We have no contracts, no sign up fees and no cancellation fees.

oLD class packages

All past 5 and 10 session class packages will be valid until used up or expire.


Personal training

If you are looking for something specific we have lots of wonderful personal trainers. So, drop us an email with what you are looking for, the times you would be looking to train and any relevant medical history and we will match you with the best trainer to suit you. All our trainers offer a free initial consultation and brief workout. Our personal trainers are freelance so prices and timings must be discussed direct with them.

For all enquiries please contact us at